Foresight and Design Strategy



From high level global shifts years down the road, to regional or industry-specific findings, I find critical changes in consumer attitudes, design and technology, and provide direction to act on these trends.

Design Strategies

By analysing emerging trends, and blending them with consumer insights, emerging technologies, and business directions, I help build a vision for creating relevant products for the future.


Every piece of my research is developed with a communication strategy in mind, from presentations to physical artefacts, websites and workshops, to make the strongest impact possible.



  • I've completed my Master's degree at OCAD U in Strategic Foresight and Innovation! My thesis looked at the future of immigration to Canada and its impact on our culinary landscape. It concludes with a cookbook of "recipes from the future".
  • I'm honoured to have my thesis nominated by my professors to compete in the Association of Professional Futurists' Student Recognition Awards. The winners are announced in July 2017. Fingers crossed!
  • MISC Magazine by Idea Couture recently featured my article on my thesis. Read on!
  • September 2015 I spoke at Fluxible 15 along with my colleagues Susan Simon Daniels and Julia Thompson on how design research can help develop more meaningful user experiences. 
  • April 29, 2015 - I was honoured to be profiled in Communitech's "Tech About Town" column, discussing my professional and volunteer work. Take a look!